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BackEnd Leader

As a BackEnd Leader, you will be one of the leaders of  a small, tight-knit, dynamic team that prides itself on the excellence of its coding standards and development practices. You’ll be using cutting-edge technologies such as Apache Spark and Cassandra to build a scalable distributed architecture and dealing with massive amounts of data from different sources employing machine learning algorithms to identify behavioral patterns in the data.
Each member of the team is a development athlete/all-around-player, and you will lead the development of a product end-to-end from design, to coding, testing and deployment.

Requirements :

  • Deep expertise in Spark, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MySQL, and MongoDB, storing hundreds of tera-bytes of data.
  • Proven ability for leadership .
  • Ability to create architectural solutions for complex data issues, involving large-scale solutions and rapid growth.
  • Experience with writing code in one or more of the following languages: Java, Scala or C#.
  • Experience with NoSQL data stores like Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, and Redis.
  • Ability to get things done, on time, at the highest standard.
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Passion for quality and bringing value to our users.


  • Experience with EC2, S3, Machine Learning
  • Experience with Client Side language – Node.JS, JavaScript
  • Experience With Big data programming, preferably using Apache Spark