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was a pivotal year in the maritime world

Then, Commercial satellites became available

While ships have been sailing the oceans for millennia, until very recently it was literally impossible to know a vessel’s location once it sailed past the range of the radar screen, about 30 miles off shores

The combination of ship transmissions via AIS and other data sources has created a new information era in maritime data.

But this new, massive data has had two very significant unintended consequences:

Information Explosion:

The amount of data collected on ships each day – hundreds of millions of data points - amounts to Maritime Big Data

Corrupted Picture:

This data is increasingly unreliable and intentionally manipulated

our story

And so came another pivotal moment in 2010:

The founding of Windward

We bring data sciences, powered by a deep understanding of the shipping domain, to the oceans. The Windward Mind is the only place in the world that aggregates and analyzes all maritime data and provides an accurate and actionable picture of what’s happening at sea.

The result? We provide our customers with real visibility into what’s at stake for them at sea, whether they are tracking single ships or global commodity, trade or shipping patterns.

There is an ocean of maritime data.
Windward is making sense of that ocean.

The Go-To Source of Maritime Data and Analytics.

Life at Windward

Windward’s secret sauce: our team

A core Windward principle is that our customers are only as good as the data they rely on. Another is that we are only as good as the people we rely on.

Our team is made up of smart, curious, creative, non-traditional thinkers. Our work environment is fast-paced, collaborative and, more often than not, a lot of fun. Everyone needs a job, but what people love about working at Windward is tackling intellectually challenging problems, being part of a team, and harnessing their smarts to solve a real world, global challenge: understanding what’s at sea.

Our Crew

Our team is our single greatest asset.
Take a look for yourself…

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Investors And Advisors

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Come Aboard

Our team brings its expertise, curiosity and desire to charter new waters, pun intended, to a little-understood but hugely important global challenge: understanding ship activity worldwide. Our work deals with real-world challenges and directly impacts decision makers across industries, with a focus on Intelligence and Finance.

windward is only as good as its people, so we are always looking for good people

Contact Us

  • Tel Aviv Office:
    Edgar 360 Tower
    2 Hashlosha st., 35th floor
    Tel Aviv, 6706054
  • Paris Office:
    9 Rue de la Paix
    Paris, 75002

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your oceans

Windward is a data and analytics company, bringing unprecedented visibility to the maritime domain.We have built the world’s first maritime data platform, the Windward Mind, which analyzes and organizes the world’s maritime data,making the data accessible and actionable across verticals.

Why Windward?

Knowing what’s happening at sea – from tracking a single ship to understanding commodity trade flows - is essential for decision makers across industries. But despite the huge stakes involved, this world remains opaque, with unreliable, fragmented data. It is, in a way, the last ‘wild west’ frontier.

We believe that our customers have the right to know what’s at stake for them at sea - from revealing the real identity and destination of a single ship to uncovering global trading patterns – and we are empowering them with the data and insights they need to solve problems, make decisions and monetize their interests at sea.

Welcome to your oceans, solved.

The Windward Edge

  • Windward was founded on a simple premise:

    Your decisions are only as good as the data you rely on.

    The Challenge: With over 90% of the world’s trade transported over the oceans, data on ship activity is critical to decision makers across industries. But despite the huge stakes at sea, there is no visibility on ship activity worldwide: the data is massive, with hundreds of millions of data points per day, fragmented, and often intentionally manipulated. The oceans are the last analog market and the world’s missing data link.

    The Solution: The Windward Mind is the only platform in the world that aggregates, analyzes and vets all maritime data, globally 24/7. The Windward Mind then takes the data and creates a unique Vessel Story on each ship worldwide, a complete history of each ship’s activities over time.

  • The Windward Mind is a powerful marriage of two very different, but highly complementary, perspectives:

    • BIG DATA
      Cutting edge analytical algorithms that fuse, analyze and integrate the data, cyber validate the information, and correct any hacking and manipulation
      An ‘old school’ discipline that gives us the insights key to powering our algorithms: deep understanding of shipping behavior and of regional and global shipping patterns.
  • This unique combination of old school shipping expertise with cutting edge data analytics is at the heart of the Windward Mind.

    The result: unprecedented visibility on what’s at stake for YOU across the oceans.

  • Intelligence

    Windward Intelligence is transforming the 'wild west' of vessel activity into accurate and actionable intelligence. Our Intelligence customers – including Maritime Forces, Intelligence organizations and fishing authorities – get the real-time alerts, predictive abilities and deep research tools they need to anticipate and proactively respond to vessels involved in suspicious activities at sea.

    • Governmental agencies worldwide are facing an extraordinary challenge: the oceans are teeming with activity resulting in hundreds of millions of data point pe day - ships posing a threat to a country's security or natural resources can originate anywhere in the world.
    • However, all of this data is reliant on human input with no vetting mechanism to ensure the data is accurate. An honors system might work in some domains, but with the huge security and financial impact of ship and cargo movements worldwide, expecting this data to be reliable when taken ‘as is’ seems a bit naïve.
    • Windward Intelligence was developed to address these specific challenges. The first to bring Activity-Based Intelligence to the maritime domain, we are transforming the ‘wild west’ of vessel activity into accurate and actionable intelligence. Our customers – navies, coast guards, intelligence agencies, fishing authorities and others - benefit from a unique Targeting and Investigation System, based on the analysis of actual ship behavior worldwide. Taken together, these provide the insights and alerts necessary to identify and address the different threats and challenges each of our customers faces.
      The Targeting System strengthens maritime control by bringing instant awareness to vessels and events that are of interest to you. The Targeting System delivers alerts based on your challenges and behavior patterns of interest and gives you the flexibility to modify the alerts to meet your changing maritime challenges.
      The Investigation System supports deep analysis and lead qualification by revealing suspicious activities and behaviors, even without prior intelligence. The Investigation System automatically flags ships that deviate from their own past patterns of behavior, behaviors expected in a certain area, shipping economic principles or local regulation. It also provides customers with the tools to investigate behavior patterns, vessel networks and suspicious events that help identify new targets and incriminate or clear vessels involved in suspicious activities.
  • Finance

    There are powerful economic implications to understanding – or misunderstanding - maritime trading worldwide. Commodity traders, hedge funds, private equity firms, banks, and shipping companies all make huge financial decisions related to worldwide shipping and commodity flows that are only as good as the data they rely on.

    • There are powerful economic implications to understanding – or misunderstanding - maritime trading worldwide. Commodity traders, hedge funds, private equity firms, banks, and shipping companies all make huge financial decisions related to worldwide shipping and commodity flows that are only as good as the data they rely on.
    • But there is a serious problem with today’s data: it is largely reliant on self reporting, opening the door to rampant hacking and manipulation.
    • If you stop to think about it, you realize something quite staggering: Huge financial decisions are made every day, unknowingly and unwittingly, based on flawed, and often intentionally manipulated, data.
    • This is why Windward’s technology is a game changer: We employ cyber countermeasures to validate and correct all data and create a Vessel Story on each ship worldwide based on its actual (vs. reported) behavior, allowing us to quickly identify who is ‘bluffing,’ which ships are displaying uneconomic behavior, and what the real global and regional trends are. The result: giving traders, investors and analysts access to a gold mine of untapped market opportunities.

The Windward technology gives our customers an extraordinary advantage:

knowing what’s truly at sea

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